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Running for Social Justice

Each year, brave and courageous runners sign up to #Run4SocialJustice. Each marathon runner commits to fundraising and training for the Boston Marathon. Find out more about our runners and support their journey.

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Our 2018 Team LZF

Caroline Allen

Caroline has decided to run for the Lenny Zakim Foundation because she’s passionate about the late founders mission, vision and work improving the social and economic issues. She would really like to be on the inner circle as far as visiting sites, meeting inspirational people and attending the ceremonies.

Lumina Gershfield Cordova

I am running my first marathon and fundraising for The Lenny Zakim Fund and their grantee Sibling Connections.  Sibling Connections helps siblings separated in foster care to reconnect with each other. I’m running because I was a foster kid & know the feeling of being separated from those you love most.

Liz O’Connor

LZF is such an important contributor to the Boston area’s health and vitality; providing essential start up support for the next generation of ideas and innovations directed at solving intractable social problems and remedying chronic injustices.

Pamela Sargent

The Lenny Zakim Fund is an amazing charity and I look forward to fundraising and representing for this great cause- “making a difference, one person at a time.

Christopher Viklund

Chris believes that the most effective and tangible changes can be wrought at the local level and is proud to be supporting Team LZF, The Lenny Zakim Fund and the work they do for local communities.

About the Team LZF & the Boston Marathon Program

There is only one Boston, only one Boston Marathon and only one Team LZF! The Lenny Zakim Fund is thrilled to announce that John Hancock, the Boston Marathon’s principal sponsor, has awarded 5 bibs to LZF for the 2018 Boston Marathon.

Who can apply?
  • You don’t need to be qualified to run for The Lenny Zakim Fund
  • Qualified runners who don’t have the bib who would like one and to get seeded.
  • Qualified runners who already have a number are also encouraged to run for the LZF; the minimum fund raising goal if you already have a bib is negotiable.
  • Selected runners commit to raise funds for The LZF
  • Each runner pays for his/her own training costs (shoes, gear, etc.) and the entry fee to the B.A.A.
How do I train?
Each Team LZF member has the opportunity to join Dreamfar High School Marathon
‘s innovative and holistic marathon training program. Through this program, you will have access to:
  • A personalized marathon training plan
  • Food and dietary advice
  • Physical Therapy clinics
  • A community of runners who are working toward the same goal as you!
  • A once in a lifetime experience running with highly motivated high schoolers!
How much money do I have to raise?
  • Each selected runner commits to raising a minimum of $7,500 for The Lenny Zakim Fund.
How do I raise funds for the LZF? Will I have help?
John Hancock and The Lenny Zakim Fund have teamed up to provide great supports for our runners.
  • You can enlist your friends, colleagues, co-workers, your company’s matching funds program and your network to help you reach your goal.
  • Get sponsors! Sponsorship is a fast, and easy way to get larger sums of money toward your fundraising goal!
  • Have a party! Create your own mini auction and use the proceeds to fund your run!
  • Each runner will have a donation page, supplied by John Hancock through Crowdrise offers innovative e-mails and promotions with prizes so that you can further motivate your donors!
  • Use LZF’s staff expertise! With our help, you can craft meaningful messages and be more confident in your outreach!
How do I apply?
  • Click this link to access the application.
  • Applications due on December 21st
  • Selected runners will be notified at the end of December
For more information: Jeannette, or 617-406-5935

Team LZF members raise $7,500 individually to support Lenny Zakim Fund. Each team member additionally has the opportunity to train with our grantee- Dreamfar High School Marathon. This innovative and holistic marathon training program offers access to clinics, advice, planning and the chance to run with highly motivated high schoolers!


The Lenny Zakim Fund is honored to be part of John Hancock’s Nonprofit Marathon Program which allows us to send runners to the Boston Marathon.