LZF Institutes


Lenny Zakim Fund Institutes are free day-long conferences that we offer to all current and former grant recipients. Topics are selected with input from grant recipients. Information about the most recent  Institute is below. For more information, please contact Jeannette (jandre@thelennyzakimfund.org or 617-406-5935).


LZF Spring Institute 2015

Friday, June 12, 2015
Presenter Robbie Samuels:
"The Art of the Schmooze and Getting Past the Fear of Asking"
Forming and cultivating relationships is the heart of any successful fundraising campaign, volunteer drive, committee effort           or community-building activity. This workshop sharpened in-person networking skills and gave participants a chance                  to share successful techniques. In a supportive environment, participants moved past personal roadblocks and examimed some common mistakes. They practiced specific language for how to make a strong ask and reviewed ten tips to make their fundraising plans successful. 
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What did the attendees say?
"I was inspired by the wealth of experience and leadership in the room."     "Inspirational. Educational."   
"The material was presented in a way that allowed us to implement what we learned."   







Registration is currently limited to current grant recipients of The Lenny Zakim Fund and will be opened to former grant recipients later on this month. If you have any questions regarding regstration, please contact Jeannette at jandre@thelennyzakimfund.org. If you believe you qualify for registration please visit https://lzf-institute.eventbrite.com.