How to Apply to The LZF

Thank you for your interest in applying to The Lenny Zakim Fund. Please find information for our 2018 Grant Cycle. 

Our LOI Process is now closed. To express interest in the 2019 cycle and get notified when application materials are released, please sign up here

Grants begin at $1,000 with an upper limit of $20,000. Your organization must have an IRS 501c3 status or a documented fiscal agent with 501c3 status to apply.

The Lenny Zakim Fund requires Letters of Inquiry (LOIs) to be submitted by all new, new cycle applicants and former grant recipients. (Former grant recipients are those who received funding from LZF in the past, but not in February 2017.) All applicants must submit an LOI, unless the applicant has received funds from LZF in the current grant year (2017).

Please read the Information and Guidelines to evaluate whether or not your organization or program is a good fit for The Lenny Zakim Fund before you invest your time in a Letter of Inquiry. We strongly suggest that you participate in an LZF Grant Conference Call so that we can explain the process and policies to you in detail and answer commonly asked questions.

The letter of inquiry is not a full proposal. It is the first step in the grant application process for all new applicants and for organizations that may have received a Lenny Zakim Fund grant in the past but did not receive a grant in February 2017. Only those applicants whose LOI has been approved will be invited to submit a full proposal. You will be notified if your letter of inquiry was approved by the end of the 3rd week in June. If the board of directors approves your letter of inquiry, you will be invited to submit a full proposal.

The Lenny Zakim Fund requires you to speak with an LZF staff member to discuss whether or not you are still a good fit for the LZF. Please email to arrange this meeting. 

Organizations that received a grant in February 2017 and are eligible to re-apply will receive the new materials via email by the end of the 3rd week of June.

Application materials will be released on May 12th. Please check back here for a link to that material.


Required Materials and Due Dates:
All materials and due dates are listed below.  
Any incomplete applications will be disqualified without notice.


New & New Cycle Applicants 

Current Grant Recipients*

Cover Sheet



Letter of Inquiry


Not Required

IRS Determination Letter or Fiscal Agent Information



Project Budget, Organization Budget & Funders List



Grant Narrative



Profit & Loss Statements






*Current grant recipients are those who received a grant in February 2017 from LZF.
+Applicants only need to submit IRS Determination Letter if there has been a change.

The 2018 Grant Cycle Schedule:

Letter of Inquiry Released: May 12, 2017

Letter of Inquiry Due: June 02, 2017

Letter of Inquiry Notification: Week of June 13th

Full Proposals & Renewal Proposals Released: June 28, 2017

New and Renewal Proposals Due: July 21, 2017

Notification of Round Advancement: Mid-August 2017

Notification of Grant Recipients: Early January 2018