Boston Marathon


Meet This Year's Team LZF!!

Caroline Allen

  Lumina Gershfield Cordova

Liz O'Connor

Pamela Sargent

Christopher Viklund

Team LZF members raise $7,500 individually to support Lenny Zakim Fund. Each team member additionally has the opportunity to train with our grantee- Dreamfar High School Marathon. This innovative and holistic marathon training program offers access to clinics, advice, planning and the chance to run with highly motivated high schoolers! 


The Lenny Zakim Fund is honored to be part of John Hancock's Nonprofit Marathon Program which allows us to send runners to the Boston Marathon. 


Past runners:

Renee Seman

Christina Caturano Ryan

Jennifer Clark

Brad Henicke

Emily Henson

Pam Sargent
2017, 2016, 2015

Ashley Wheeler

Mark Higgins, 2015

Sa'adiyah Masoud, 2015

Meghan McIver & Nathan Semiao, 2014