Experiential Philanthropy:

A Chance to Give & Get Involved

Traditional charity asks you just to write a check. But the Lenny Zakim Fund provides experiential philanthropy - every donor has the opportunity to participate in the allocations process by making site visits to see the programs and meet the inspirational people who run them. In addition, all are welcome to attend the deeply moving Annual Award Ceremony. Both grant recipients and donors join together to celebrate the extraordinary work in our community as the new grants are distributed.

What is it like for a donor to get really involved with The Lenny Zakim Fund? LZF volunteer and donor, Cheryl Forte, shares her thoughts here on why she supports LZF and the value of making site visits.

The LZF invests in small agencies doing great things by providing the resources, training and other forms of support that enable and empower community groups to deepen their work, resolve problems, and grow.