Friends of LZF

Bridge Builders
The Bridge Builders honors and recognizes the contributions of our donors, volunteers, former board members and other important friends of The Fund. The Board deeply appreciates all that they do for The Lenny Zakim Fund.
Patricia Burns
Richard Caturano
Alan Chebot
Michael Eckton
Michael Ferraro
Cheryl Forte
Alex Garnick
Josie Greene
Steve Grossman
Kal Heller
Barbara Howard

Drew Hyman
Mark Irvings
Carol Kanin
Douglas Krupp
Judi Krupp
Charlayne Murell-Smith
Celeste Reid-Lee
Jordan Rich
Bob Romanow
Mike Ross
Bobby Sager
Harold Schwartz
Michael Schwartz
Edee Simon-Israel
Mark Sokoll
Amy Weinberg
Bob Weinberg
Jerry Wishnow
Bridge Builders - In Memoriam
Jonathan Samen

In-Kind Supporters and Sponsors
The Lenny Zakim Fund is grateful for the generous in-kind and volunteer support that makes this work possible.
The Lenny Zakim Fund wishes to thank and acknowledge
The Sager Family Foundation for their support of the Institutes and Seminars.