How We Do It

The Lenny Zakim Fund is a 501c3 public charity managed by an Executive Director and supported by a Program Manager in conjunction with its volunteer Board of Directors. The Funds that it distributes as grants, support for management assistance, and the annual operating funds are raised primarily from individuals, corporations and foundations. The Fund is deeply committed to minimizing expenses.

Staff and Overhead
We accomplish our goals with a small, energetic two person staff that is fully supported by a deeply committed Board of Directors. We receive pro bono office space, accounting and audit, administrative and IT support, as well as donated services, such as design and printing from our generous supporters so that we can stay focused on our mission and maximize our impact.
All of our work – grantmaking, management assistance, fundraising, Young Leaders and more - is accomplished through the active, hands-on engagement of our Board of Directors in committees and as individuals.