Training and Networking Opportunities

LZF not only gives grants, but also equips its grantees by providing learning and training opportunities that smaller organizations usually cannot afford. Staff and board, and volunteers welcome to learn from experts like McGladrey, The Lawyer’s Clearinghouse, and well know non-profit consultants like Cahners and Donahue – and have a terrific opportunity to network and to learn from each other.

Institutes Lenny Zakim Fund Institutes are free day-long conferences that we offer to all current and former grant recipients. Topics are selected with input from grant recipients. A few examples of past topics include the following: Contingency Planning and Strategic Opportunities, Volunteers 101, Fundraising in Hard Times: Doing All the Things You Have Been Avoiding for Years.

Seminars LZF Seminars are free two-hour trainings that are designed for small groups to have an interactive, in-depth learning and networking experience. Participants have said these free seminars are an excellent use of their time and present very current topics. Training is provided by experts that is tailored to the small, non-profit experience in areas such as finance, law, board development and marketing. If you would like more information, please contact Jeannette Andre (

LZF Board Member, Angela Johnson fields a question at her workshop at the Institute.
LZF Board Member, Angela Johnson fields a question during an Institute workshop.

In the past year, The Zakim Fund's Institutes trained over 70 organizations and well over 100 grassroots leaders in specific skills that will sustain their organizations and increase their effectiveness.  This year's Institutes and workshops included these immediately useful topics:

  • Cultivating Individual Donors
  • Understanding Donor Advised Funds
  • Board development and management
  • Legal aspects of non-profit governance
  • Strategic planning
  • Creating and Managing Budgets