Who We Serve

Across Massachusetts, small and emerging programs supported by The Lenny Zakim Fund are improving literacy, alleviating poverty and ending youth violence.  Some grow to great prominence. Project Health, Zumix, Artists for Humanity, and Teen Voices are all examples of leading national and local agencies that received critical, early support and recognition from The Lenny Zakim Fund. Niche agencies fill service gaps and meet needs that larger or well established programs can’t or don’t address.  For example, The Louis D. Brown Peace Institute counsels families that have survived a homicide; Brockton’s LIFE Center provides essential socialization for disabled people; and Youth and Family Enrichment Services teaches classical music to Haitian-American children.

This year The Lenny Zakim Fund will make a record $510,500 in grants to 58 agencies, changing thousands of lives across Eastern Massachusetts. Follow these links to learn more about these amazing programs:

Our grantees at work across Eastern Massachusetts